Play League with Summoners’ Society

Summoners’ Society is committed to creating an incredible player experience for any player of any skill level. We run a huge range of events & tournaments that support any player’s interests.

Community Nights

Summoners’ Society admins each month will run customs in the discord. It is a great way to meet new summoners. You can play a few games or one!
Recommend: Casual LoL players
Player Commitment: Very Low

Party Nights

Are chill game modes, for example: TFT, 1v1s they are not prized and all about enjoying certain games modes in a semi competitive environment.
Recommend: New players & Semi competitive LoL players
Player Commitment: Low
Location: &


Social League

Recreational LoL, social league is all about getting to know others in a very fun environment. Admins are team captains allowing us to offer a safe space for every gamer that exists (Female, male, old, young, LGBT etc..). 
Recommend: Casual LoL players
Player Commitment: Medium

Grass Roots Tournaments

These are for the players that dream big, want to compete at the highest amtureue level. Who want to test their skill, push their boundaries or maybe want to be a professional player one day.
Recommend: Competitive
Player Commitment: High
Location: &