Let's play some League


The circuit is a private tournament that teams have to qualify for through The Summoners Ladder. The circuit is made up of 8 teams and follows very closely with the rules and  structure of "Oceanic challenger Series'. This tournament is to help players, coaches and managers to gain experience and grow. 8 Teams will fight for a piece of the 49,500 RP prize pool.


Best of one (Bo1) game once per week for 7 weeks.

Prize Pool:

1st place: 18,500 RP

2nd place: 12,500 RP

3rd place: 8,500 RP

4th place: 6500 RP

5th-8th place: 3500 RP

Note: Team decide how to %



The summoners ladder(public) is a single elimination ladder tournament. It runs  twice a year, for 16 weeks. Its an open tournament which means that teams do not need to play every week, but every time they play they will collect points  based on where they place that night.


The rest  of the teams will be invited to a private ladder (They must play at  least one game). The summoner’s ladder(private) gives teams a chance to practice with no new teams joining, and while the top 8 teams will move on to the  circuit. It gives the lower tier teams a chance to come 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. The private ladder is also single elimination and the finals will be of the top 8 teams.




Best of one(Bo1)

Single Elimination

Will be played every Thursday night from 6:00pm till late

Top 8 Teams will play in the finals and the rest will play in a private ladder.


Prize Pool:


The top 8 teams will be invited to the Oceanic Circuit Tournament




The Solo/Duo tournament is a weekend tournament. It allows players to sign up as a solo player or a duo team with a friend.

This tournament has a pre-sign up, were players must sign up before a certain date, it also has a pre-check in on the discord where players must confirm that they are still able to attend.

The Summoners' Society team will then put players into balanced teams (Teams are balanced the best they can be by a point system). This is a fun tournament designed to help players meet new friends and play in tournaments 



The Bronze to gold tournament is a weekend tournament and is run with a double elimination bracket allowing players to play a minimum of two games. Players in this tournament must have a ranked ELO from bronze 5 to gold 1. The tournament was created to allow lower ELO teams to vs teams closer to their own ELO and give them a taste of the competitive environment. It's a fun tournament designed to help lower tier teams compete on an even playing field.



The Pre-made 5v5 tournament is a weekend tournament that is double elimination and is open to all teams of any rank, players just have to be able to create their own team to enter the tournament. This tournament was created to allow players to just interact with different ELO teams and gain experience that will hopefully help them improve.