The Queens Justice

It had been 7 years since Lux had last stepped foot in the great City of Demacia. Thinking about going back made her stomach churn. She had no choice. She had to go back. She looked out from the balcony of the castle upon the newly formed City that she helped create 6 years ago. Buildings were made of the finest pearl coloured stone with the streets glowing with bright floating lights, consisting of gemstones imbued with magic. The City was a secret to all except those who resided there; north of the Old Bargate fortress on the outskirts of the Demacian border. To the rear of the City, mountains kept it tucked away whilst a powerful magic barrier surrounds it that was formed by Lux. Looking in from the outside, light distorts the view of City so it can never be seen by prying eyes.
Lumistra, the City of mages, named after the lady of luminosity herself.

Lux clenched her fists as she watched fellow mages, willing to fight for her cause, saying goodbye to loved ones below.
“My Queen,” said a voice coming from behind her.
Lux turned around and released her fists. She saw Atlas kneeling behind her. A young man that was rescued from one of the many towns located within the region. Even though he was so young, he quickly became one of Lux’s strategists.
“Stand up Atlas, as I have told you many times, you do not need to kneel to me,” Lux said.
Atlas stood up and raised his head towards Lux with his odd coloured eyes. One green, one brown. A trait that many mages have.
“Sorry… my Queen, I will always kneel to you, especially whilst you are wearing that crown” said Atlas chuckling to himself.
Lux touched her crown, which held a bright diamond in the centre. Her dress was pure white that shimmered in the sunlight and had golden details that ran throughout. An outfit fit for royalty.

“Are you ready to go my Queen?”
“Yes… but before we go, I need to make a quick stop”.
Atlas nodded his head and extended his arm towards the door. Lux closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
“Okay, let’s go”.
Peacefully, the fallen mages lay to the east of the City. Lux walked through the countless tombstones; mages that fell victim to Demacia’s onslaught. Atlas followed closely behind her, glancing at the names as they walked by. Located at the end of the graveyard surrounded by chains was a lone tombstone. Lux carefully knelt before it and put her hand up against its face. She closed her eyes as she ran her hand across the engraved name.

‘Sylas Dregbourne’

Lux slowly got back up on her feet, feeling saddened, yet determined.
“Let’s head to the Old Bargate Fortress,” said Lux looking towards Atlas, who once again nodded.The Old Bargate Fortress was a military base that was once used by Demacia to defend the region from invaders. Abandoned, it is now in use by mages as a lookout to protect Lumistra. The fortress doors opened as Lux’s party approached; on the other side stood Estra.
“Welcome, my Queen” Estra said with her fist against her chest.
She glanced over at Atlas standing beside her.
“What are you doing so close to the Queen?” Estra demanded.
Atlas took one step away from Lux. “Sorry, Estra” Atlas said in a quiet voice as he quickly faced the floor.
“I’m kidding Atlas,” Estra said, laughing before her face once again turned serious.

Estra and Atlas have known each other since becoming residents of Lumistra. Atlas assisted in the recusing of Estra who was a Noxian mage, captured by Demaica. They were planning to use her power to hunt down other mages. Soon after, they became one. The first mages to be married in the newly formed mage city.

Estra put her focus back on Lux. “Let’s get everyone together and go over the plans and head out tonight”.
Lux agreed and followed behind Estra. The fortress was filled with mage volunteers with Estra as their commander. Lux could feel the mages looking towards her, eyes filled with hope and somewhat fearful of what is yet to come.
“Estra, you don’t mind if I…” Lux started, but Estra cut her off “of course my Queen, you must be prepared”.
Lux split from the group and walked towards one of the large storage rooms. Opening the door, she could feel the memories of the items that were stored here.
She opened the large storage chest located at the back of the room. She reached in and pulled out an old outfit of hers. Faded in colour, she pulled out a grey robe. “Looks like I’ll be using you to sneak around again” Lux chuckled thinking of the name they once called her, the Spellthief.
She held it tightly “right, let’s do this”.

Two months had passed since Garen and Jarvan had left for their journey. Trotting through the City on their horses, the two were praised and cheered by the citizens. Demacia was full of excitement and celebration. The chants and cheers of the people drowned everything else out.
“Our King has returned!”

Jarvan and Garen made their way into the grand Demacian castle.
“Garen we did it we are finally free of them,” Jarvan said gleefully.
Garen looked at Jarvan with a pained expression on his face. “Yes, we are your Majesty”.
Jarvan sat down on his throne, and his excitement dulled.
“I am sorry about your sister, she was precious to us both.” Jarvan continued “but that monster that captured and disposed of her is now gone, Sylas is dead”.
Garen looked up at Jarven, “but so is she…”.
Jarvan got up off of his throne and walked over to Garen and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Garen, we will hold a funeral for her to celebrate her memory,” said Jarvan, comforting Garen as he continued, “We shall hold it tomorrow”.

Lux and her small force of mages arrived at the outskirts of the great City’s border through the dense forest that she once travelled through to escape during Sylas’ rampage. The sun starting to rise and peer through the trees at the anticipating mages. Lux carefully walked up to the drain opening that leads under the City. After her last escape thick iron bars blocked the entrance to prevent something similar happening once again. The mages looked toward Lux anticipating what she planned to do next. Lux reached out from her robe and put her hand against one of the iron bars. Her eyes glowed a deep red. The area around her hand turning bright orange. Slowly the bar started to melt. Atlas looked concerned and asked, “doesn’t that hurt you, my Queen?”. Lux turned from the melted bar, “when you understand the elements, they will also understand you”. Atlas did not understand.

The mages made their way through the underground tunnels. Memories came flooding back to Lux of her escape from Demacia, Estra reached out and held Lux’s hand; ‘That’s right, Estra must be feeling more uneasy since she is Noxian’ Lux thought.

They came up to a ladder, and Lux turned to Atlas. His green eye began to glow. “The area is safe,” he said as the glowing subsided. Atlas has the ability to see his surroundings no matter if there are obstacles in his way. One by one, each mage climbed the ladder and found themselves in a secluded back alley. Estra stepped forward, asking everyone to quickly form a circle and hold hands, including Lux. Estra closed her eyes for a moment, and suddenly Lux could hear Estra in her head. ‘Alright we are now all linked telepathically’ Estra said directly into the minds of the mages. Lux looked up; “Estra, Atlas, I need you both to keep the guards occupied”. Estra seemed concerned. Lux continued, “I will let you know as soon as I need assistance”. Estra’s face relaxed as she nodded at Lux.

Each group of mages went their separate ways, Lux with her staff in hand, obscured the light around her, making her seamlessly invisible. She walked carefully through the streets of the City. She knew where she had to go. Arriving at the castle, Lux kept out of sight near the steps leading in. She could see the guards at the entrance. Suddenly they started running down the steps, “mages are in the city!” they cried; the distraction is working.
Lux released the spell hiding her from sight and slowly made her way into the castle. She had been here so many times that she knew her way around. Her stomach began to churn as she entered the throne room. She could hear her own footsteps echo through the hall.
She paused for a moment as she saw someone standing and facing the throne. They were wearing bulky armour and carrying a great sword.
“Your Highness, you’re here, we have a problem,” the voice said as they turned around.
Lux stood stunned in the middle of the room. It was Garen.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?!” Garen boomed, as he raised his sword. Lux did not say a word at first. She spoke gently as she carefully lifted her hand and slowly pulled back her hood, “hello Garen”. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound. Garen had dropped his sword.
“L..Lux?… Is that you?” He said in shock. Although it had been 7 years, he could still tell it was his little sister.
“You’re alive!” he said in a shaky tone. Then his face became more severe as he noticed Lux’s staff in her hand, coming to the realisation that she was one of the mages that infiltrated the City. “What are you doing here? You can’t be here!” he yelled. Lux responded calmly, “I am here to set things right”.
“Garen… I am here”, another voice came from behind Lux as the King of Demacia entered the room. He paused. Staring at the person standing in the centre of the room between himself and Garen.

Lux turned to face the person she had been longing to see. Jarvan (IV). She held her head high and smiled. “I have been looking for you… your Highness”. While Jarvan was still stunned from the sight of Lux, her staff started glowing. The spell thief robe began to change into pure white. Her gown radiated the room, and her diamond crown began to form upon her head.
Frightened, with pike in hand, pointed it towards Lux. “Lux, you’re a mage,” he said aggressively. “Yes Jarvan, and now it’s time to face the consequences for all that you have done”. As Lux said those words, her staff began to glow brightly with what seemed to be electricity. She pointed her staff out towards him and let loose the gathered electricity. It struck Jarvan. He collapsed to floor falling unconscious. Lux used the link between the mages to signal them.
Garen screamed “Your Highness! Lux, what have you done?”. She turned back towards Garen as mage reinforcements entered the room. “I am sorry Garen, but this must be set right… seize him!”.

The bells of the great City of Demacia rang in the early afternoon summoning the residents to the city square. Residents looked upon Lux with her crown upon her head; standing next to the King, Jarvan, and the king’s guard, Garen, who were both restrained. The people began to whisper realising who she really was. The city guards were on their knees while the force of mages which included Estra and Atlas stood over them. Lux began to speak to the crowd of onlookers.
“For too long mages have lived in hiding; living in fear of being slaughtered by the might of Demaica for who we are”. Many people in the crowd looked shocked as many had known Lux since she was born, now finding she is a mage.
“I shall bring justice to Demacia and rid this city of its corruption towards the people”, Lux stopped for a moment and looked over at Jarvan. “The punishment for the massacre of countless lives… Jarvan… I sentence you to death… prepare the gallows”.
The crowd started an uproar, some in fear, somewhat seemed to be relieved.
Garen began to cry out to Lux.
“Lux you cannot do this, you were born here you are a Crownguar…” before Garen could finish Lux sharply turned her head to Garen who was on his knees and spoke loudly enough for all to hear.

Queen of the mages and new high ruler of Demacia”.

Garen realised that Lux was no longer considering him family and he looked at the floor. With the noose around his neck, Jarvan looked up towards Lux and smiled, and she walked closer to him. “I should have realised sooner and put you in the ground as well,” Jarvan said, staring at Lux. She brought herself close to his ear, “long live the Queen” she whispered.
Lux turned back towards the crowd who stood in shock. She held her head high as a mighty ruler does and finally found peace in the sound of the trap door opening.


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