TeamFight Tactics Tournament Oceania

TeamFight Tactics (TFT) Tournament Oceania (OCE)

TeamFight Tactics Tournament Oceania

Want to prove yourself as a TeamFight Tactics Champion? Welcome Summoner to the Summoners’ Society TFT Tournament! You will find weekly tournaments for TFT. This is a chance for you to prove yourself and become the best TFT player Oceania has seen.

The process is really simple!

Step One
All of our communication is done through discord. This makes it really easy to get access to the tournament admins for help. It is important that you join the discord and follow the steps to gain access to the TFT section. If you need to download discord.

Please join the Summoners’ Society Discord
> Go to #Event-roles
>Click the penguin emoji
Now a TFT category will appear on the left hand side.
>Click on #General and say hello!

Step Two
Sign up for the event


If your new you will need to verify your League of Legends account. This means connecting to Mogul.

Here is a step by step guide
Please note it is important to read first before attempting.

If you come across any trouble, please go back to discord and you will see a text channel called #Tft-help. Please use that channel and admin will get back to you as soon as possible.

They will be able to help you by joining in a private call, screen sharing and helping you through the process. This is best to do straight away in case there are any other issues. That way it gives admins the best chance of solving it before the tournament!

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In addition you can also subscribe to the Mogul hub. This will keep you up to date with all Summoners’ Society tournaments! Its free 😀

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