Putting the ‘S’ in Riot Games


All we can say as a collective is WOW.
Not only have Riot Games stunned us with the greatness to come, but they have reaffirmed their care and gratitude for our community with the long-anticipated 10-year celebration.
Here is a summary of the main announcements in case you missed it:

New Champion: Senna
After the anticipation leaving us clenching the edge of our seat when Lucian started heading towards the Shadow Isles, we finally got closure on how it all ends.
After the great battle, we see Lucian regain his wife’s soul and she’s coming to the Rift as League of Legends first-ever Marksman X Support!
Prepare for that meta to be blown to bits! Get it?

Rise of the Elements
With the end of season 9 rapidly approaching, Riot said the rift should feel alive.  To keep things interesting for the new season they let us know some of the changes leading into season 10.
Rise of the Elements brings a new elemental rift system.
As teams take down the elemental drakes, one of the elements will then ‘dominate the Rift’ to permanently alter the design of the map.

Return of Ultra Rapid Fire
Need I Say more about this? – Not all Random URF mode. All Pick URF Mode.  Coming to OCE 28th October – 8th November (roughly.)
League of Legends: Wild Rift – Console/Mobile LoL
No, you didn’t misread! League is coming to MOBILE & CONSOLE!
Riots new approach to involve more players and have a mobile platform is by far one of the biggest things they have been developing behind the scenes. Having to rebuild the game from scratch has got summoners biting their nails in anticipation to take their most loved game everywhere.
Unfortunately, they did say it will not be the same game as they could not take original SR and do a simple transfer. This will be a new game on the Wild Rift with an altered map and gameplay.
Be sure to check it out here and sign up with your email address to register and not miss any further announcements: https://wildrift.leagueoflegends.com/en-au/
In addition to this, TFT will also be coming to mobile! So, if you’re out and about and need a kick of RIOT on your lunch break, it’ll be perfect for whipping out these mobile versions of the game to play!

Games in Development:
Project A – Tactical FPS Game
Project L – Fighting Game
Project F – MMO Game
LoL Esports Manager

Information on these games was minimal, and developers have “gone dark” straight after the stream. It wouldn’t be fair for us to describe these games with limited information, so the best thing we can do for now is link you to the Riot Pls Video where they showcase each game for about 20 seconds. These games are meant to give us even more lore on Runeterra and shape the world we already love.

Arcane – Animated Series
As many speculated, RIOT will be releasing a new anime series called Arcane. For those out there who love anime, this will be the perfect balance between Runeterra & Animation. Set in a utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun.
Set to screen in 2020 the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions Jinx and Vi and the rivalry that sparked a never-ending chase through the rift!

Legends of Runeterra – Card Game
A new game is on the horizon developed by Riot Games that will appeal to those with experience on similar games such as Hearthstone, Artifact & Magic the Gathering.
A lot was said about this game during the stream, summarizing all of these points would have you reading a short novel.
Here’s a video to watch to bring you up to scratch with all the mechanics and the details of the game to be prepared for its release: https://youtu.be/RDPhHpyZIck

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