Artist Interview: Alice ‘Amuyop’

Our artist Alice is on the Community Content Team and likes to surprise us with her amazing art skills.
We got to interview Alice about her art and her fascination with Jhin.

Social League

Are you looking for others to jump on the Rift with? Social League is our way to connect with others in the community and have some fun tearing up the Rift in a fun and non-serious way!

Too Much Salt?

Do you think the League community is Toxic? Our admin Ayla (ShadowsAngel) wrote an article with her thoughts on how to approach improving our community.

Events February 2020

Summoners’ Society Events February 2020 Discord Game Nights With Admins We are going to be holding fun game nights with admins in the discord. This is just show up and have fun! Not on the discord? Click here Date:03/02/2019 Time: 8pm (AEDT) Admins: Chelsea, Ayla, Britney, Nathaniel & Max For more information click hereĀ  Date: 11/02/2019 Time: 8pm (AEDT) Admins: …

Admins of the Year

It’s been a huge year for Summoners’ Society admins, team leaders, and our CEO Keshia. We’ve made a new partnership with Gravitas, ran a giant 1v1 tournament at Smash, and helped Riot at PAX to celebrate their 10 year birthday. The Gravitas team has been instrumental in helping Summoners’ Society bring you better tournaments, rewards, and communicating with you all …