Artist Interview: Alice ‘Amuyop’

Alice ‘Amuyop’

Alice is one of our Content Creator admins who is known for her intense love for Jhin, and her amazing art.

We asked Alice a few questions, but if you have any others please comment them below!

  1. Why is Jhin your favourite LoL Champion?
    It was love at first sight, haha… Also his lore, design and game kit are perfect to me!
  2. What is your best advice for beginner artists?
    Practice smooth shapes and clean lines.  This helps a lot!  They are fundamental skills and important in any style of art!
  3. What is your biggest challenge in making art?
    Art-blocks, they are the biggest enemies to all artists.  I usually look up other’s artworks to solve this.
  4. What are your goals with Summoners’ Society this year?
    I hope to engage more with the community, and draw more art that they want to see.
  5. Tell us a fun fact about yourself!
    80% of my art for League features Jhin – or Neeko, who knows? xD

Alice has two distinct styles at the moment going from her incredibly detailed paintings of Jhin, to her cute chibi art of League champs.
You can check out her Twitter here.

The featured art above was Alice’s “Happy 2020” to her followers – of course featuring Jhin.
Below are some more of her amazing artworks!


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