Summoners’ Society is looking for volunteers!

Summoners’ Society is looking for volunteers to join the team! 

Do you love the community? Are you passionate about creating an amazing player experience? Then we want to hear from you!

Currently Summoners’ Society has over 40+ team members working together to create an amazing experience for players across the Oceania Region. With over 11.5k + Active members and growing daily. Summoners’ Society is involved in range of events both online and live! You will see us yearly at SMASH & PAX.

Reasons to Join Summoners’ Society

Your passionate about league of legends
You care about the community
You want to grow as a person professional and as an individual
To make friends
Join the Summoners’ Society Family

The roles we are currently hiring for:

  • LCT: League Community Team: Is our events management team both on the rift and in real life.
  • SCT: Social Community Team: They support all our players online in our forum and help get the news out about events & updates to LoL.
  • SCT TL: Social Community Team Leader: The team leader of SCT. Who will be experienced in leadership and wants to grow their professional skill set even further.
  • CCT: Community Content Team: Creative artists of all kinds, who are passionate and want to help improve towards being a professional and gain teamwork skills along the way.

Unsure what team to apply for?
If you have a passion for event management, creating an awesome player experience, and would like to work directly with the community through tournaments and events like SMASH AND PAX
We recommend you apply for LCT.

If you’re a content creator, you make videos, create graphics, cosplay, create art, write articles, short stories or even stream! If you want to make connections, and gain professional skills that will help your grow in the industry.
We recommend you apply for CCT.

If you’re a social media wizard, love moderating, enjoy discord and love being active on Facebook! We have the role just for you.
We recommend you apply for SCT.

If you love the idea of Social community Team but you already have some real experience in running a team, you love bring organised and enjoy being a leader.
We recommend you apply for the Team leader role for SCT.


How to Apply!

All you need to do is email: [email protected] 

Please include the following: 

  1. Email a resume & a cover letter about why you would be a perfect fit for Summoners’ Society.
  2. Please in your cover letter tell us what your favourite champion is and why.
  3. In your email please link us to a few of your social media accounts: Facebook, Discord name & number (eg: disconame#1234) , Twitter. If you’re a content creator: Youtube, Instagram, ArtStation, Twitch, website or anything else relevant to your field.

First time applying and unsure how to write a cover letter?
How to write a cover letter. 

Who you will be addressing the cover letter to:
Keshia Kimber
CEO of Summoners’ Society


Thank you for applying! We look forward to reviewing your application. All applications will be sent a response email including the outcome of the application. You will have the option to request feedback if your application is rejected.


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