Smash! 2019 Review

Smash! was a massive success and saw Summoners’ Society promoting League of Legends from our own booth as well as running a 188 player tournament streamed live on the main stage for Sunday!

The booth was a lot of fun with a great crowd consistently surrounding to watch the casual 1v1 / 2v2 games which took place throughout the day. We had the OCE Rioters attend who were chatting with players and challenging them to a game. Lastly, the SumSoc photo booth with props courtesy of Riot, free swag and fan art for sale from our content team meant there were opportunities for everyone.

It was fantastic being able to see all those who were already part of the SumSoc community as well as many new faces who came along and had fun at the booth. We hope all who attended had a blast and we hope to see you at MEO this month!

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