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What League of Legends champion are you?

Do you identify with a League of Legends character? Ever wondered what League of Legends Champion are you? If so, take the Summoners’ Society champion quiz to find out what character we think you are! We have created the perfect questions to help find out what champion you are! Don’t forget to post your results […]

Community Content Team

Team up with Summoners’ Society on the Community Content Team The Community content Team is one the most exciting places of growing your skills and experience as any kind of artist. Not only will you be around other amazing artists, but will be set group and individual tasks that will gain you the skills to […]

Facebook or Discord Moderation Team

Team up with Summoners’ Society on the Facebook or Discord Moderation Team Team up with Summoners’ Society This team is a great hands on role with the community. Over your time on the Moderation Team you will get to know the community on a more personal level. Members of Summoners’ Society will reach out for […]

Events Management Team

Team up with Summoners’ Society on the Events Management Team The Summoners’ Society Events Management Team is an amazing way to give back to the community. You will have a direct link with the community. As a SumSoc team member on the events team you will spend your time helping prepare and organise events. While […]

Social Media Team

Team up with Summoners’ Society on the Social Media Team Summoners’ Society is a great place to gain the experience for a Social Media Job! During this time you will be working with your team leader across multiple platforms. One the most important part of the cogs in the Summoners’ Society machine, as you will […]

Wild Rift : League of Legends Review

So in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, Riot’s released their brand new mobile version of League – League of Legends: Wild Rift. For those unfamiliar, it’s essentially the same game as league with a few slight tweaks. The obvious being that it’s on mobile phones, which means […]

SumSoc Christmas!

You are officially invited to the SumSoc Christmas party! When is it you ask…? Date: December 19th 2020 Time: 7pm – Midnight The 2020 year has been rough on all of us but now is the time we come together to end this year on a high note. During this night we have a variety […]

Valorant Tournament Oceania

Welcome Agents Do you want to flex your Valorant skills? Come play in the Summoners’ Society Valorant Open Rank Tournament. This is a casual event for all ranks and a great opportunity to get some practise in as a team. Sign up here for Valorant Tournament on battlefy:November 7thNovember 14thNovember 21st November 28th Valorant Tournament […]

What Role should I play? League of Legends QUIZ

Have you ever wondered what role you should play for League of Legends? Then we have the quiz for you! This fun little quiz will help determine: If you’ve got the brains for Middle lane, the strength for Top, the strategic knowledge for Jungle, the skill for ADC or the leadership for Support! Now you […]

Facebook Community Top Ten – October 2020

The month of October is generally filled with spooky parties and funky costumes. Here at Summoners’ Society, we’ve been focusing on giving more to the community and bringing you exciting new opportunities. Although most of what we do is behind-the-scenes, we wanted to take a moment to let you know we see you! Did you […]


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