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Keshia Kimber

Keshia has been with Summoners’ Society for over five years and had the pleasure of being a part of its growth. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer.

“What I like to bring to the community is a hard working, passionate team that put summoners best interests first. Our goals are to build a safe space and that it also helps grow any League of Legends fan.”


Ayla Weeks

Ayla “ShadowsAngel” Weeks is one of the two Team Leaders of Summoners’ Society Community Content team. She was introduced to League of Legends back in season 1 and has been playing ever since.

Ayla is in charge of maintaining a good image for Summoners Society, coming up with and creating content ideas including art, videos, music, graphics, writing – anything and everything creative. She loves all things creative and believes her job is just a perfect fit.

“I love that we have this great community to connect, share and enjoy all things League related.”


SG Esports

SG Esports is our commercial and community partner.  They are helping us with technology and business support to build our sustainability for our community.  They are aligned with us with their commitment grassroots LoL OCE scene.

You can follow their OPL team, Gravitas, and you’ll see the Summoners’ Society logo on the back of the Gravitas Game Day jerseys.  We are looking forward seeing Gravitas at our events online and offline.

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