About Club

Summoners’ Society is the largest active League of Legends community in Oceania. Our goal is to create a space where everyone can enjoy playing while being in a safe space. Summoner’s Society runes tournaments range of 7 tournaments from weekly to monthly and also a range of fun community events weekly.

Summoners Society: League of Legends, Valorant & Teamfight Tactics

We are a group of passionate gamers with a huge community of gamers on board. Summoners’ Society is an awesome place to make friends, find people for missions, partner up for sweet LP gains & more.⁠ Be sure to join our Community Facebook Group!

We are a gaming/community group for Riot Games (LoL, VAL, TFT ) FB group: 12k + Discord: 7k + Members We run tournaments, & community events. Join our massive circuit SIC scheduled every year.

Built a Riot Games Fan community from 2k members to over 17,3k+ active members across Facebook & Discord. I designed Summoners’ Society with a focus on player experience and making a community that was not toxic so that everyone felt comfortable taking part. To manage this community I built a multi-branched team of over 60 volunteers that I continually work with to promote a healthy work ethic and maintain strong feedback culture. The primary function of the Summoners’ Society keep an active community and to get players involved in tournaments and events. We have run currently run over 562 live and online events so far. We work regularly with professional teams and other communities to provide the player base as many big events as possible.

Kisha Kimber (CEO)