SumSocs Rules

• No harassment of other community members. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, etc. are never allowed.
• Keep all discussion civil and in the right channels. We may ask you to move your conversation.
• No inappropriate language. Remain respectful of others at all times.
• Keep personal drama out of chat. Harassment in chat or DMs is never allowed.
• No impersonation of other users, moderators, famous personalities, or Riot staff.
• No spamming or flooding chat rooms with messages.
• No NSFW content or conversations around illegal activities.
• No inappropriate or offensive usernames, status’s or profile pictures. You may be asked to change these.
• Use spoiler tags when appropriate. spoilers shows up as spoilers.
• No self-promotion, soliciting, or advertising except in the community・promo channel. Which is for Streams and Youtube content.
• Don’t evade filters. This applies to both words and links. If something is censored, it is censored for a reason!
• Moderators hold final say. Listen to and respect the volunteers that keep this server running.