Do you know your LoL quotes?

Posted by Encore 4th May 2021 in BLOGQUIZ

Has your mind been filled with an abundance of redundant League of Legends knowledge? Well in this quiz it’ll be easy to see just how much you can remember about the different champions of League of Legends. So, how well do you know your LoL quotes?

Ever wondered how much you really know about your favourite League of Legends Champions? If you want to see how well you really know your League of Legends champion quotes, try taking this quiz and we’ll see how well you really stack up.

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If you’re excited about Riots’ upcoming RPG ‘The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story’, you’re not the only one. So if you’d like to know which of the playable characters you would be try taking our ruined king quiz.

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Do you identify with a League of Legends character? Ever wondered what League of Legends Champion are you? If so, take the Summoners’ Society champion quiz to find out what character we think you are! We have created the perfect questions to help find out what champion you are! And don’t forget to post your results in the Facebook group today!

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