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It’s that glorious time of year again where we have the pleasure of watching some of the world’s greatest League of Legends players and teams fight it out for the Mid Season Invitational Championship title! This page is aimed to give you a bit more of an idea about the teams participating this year, as well as an evaluation of the finals game in their respective regions to see how they got here and how strong they were looking.


Now let’s go over the teams making up this year’s MSI. We’ll have the pleasure of seeing 11 teams play with Vietnam representative GAM Esports unfortunately excluded for safety reasons regarding the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Cloud9 is the first on our list with their victory over Team Liquid in the first Mid Season Showdown. The boys found success in a five game series with all players stepping up with most notable praise from the casters on the day going to ADC Zven and newest Mid laner Perkz. Australian Top laner Fudge showed vast improvement since the start of the split on both tank and AP champions, and support Vulcan was an impactful member finding important, gamebending engages with champions like Alistar and Rell. Considering this roster experienced a vastly different player team as well as coaching staff shift, it is impressive to see how dominant they’ve been in the LCS and I for one am very excited to see how solid this team can be on a global stage. They will be in our first MSI game of the tournament coming up against previous 2020 World Champions, DAMWON Gaming.

Riding off their previous Worlds dominating win, DWG had little trouble grabbing their LCK Spring Split win over Gen.G. Showmaker in the Mid lane was an absolute terror for Gen.G to deal with high damage AP champions Victor and Syndra, along with one game of Renekton. Jungler Canyon found great success on Udyr and Nidalee, making smart plays for the squad. Khan in the Top lane showed great support for the team, stating in the post game interview how unbothered he was about playing any champion, if it means it earns them the win. This was prompted by two games on Sion on what he called “Sion Duty”. Many analysts have predicted great success for DAMWON and with the way the entire roster has been performing, there’s no doubt that this squad has the potential to take it all the way.

DetonatioN FocusMe are your LJL Spring Split Champions earning their win over V3 Esports, earning their spot in the Mid Season Invitational. The Bot lane duo of ADC Yutapon and Support Kazu was a pivotal dynamic to DFM’s success with a high kill, low death count during the 4 game finals. They had a dominant regular season; going twelve wins to two losses and only dropping two games in the eight they played in the playoffs. I think Mid laner Arla will be one to look out for this MSI, with his large champion pool and ability to adapt to almost any style his team requires.

Next up is Infinity Esports, riding high from their Liga Latinoamérica win over Argentinian team Furious Gaming. They finished second place in both rounds of the regular season only falling behind Furious Gaming.  They were able to clutch their win in a five game series pulling off a reverse sweep to get there. Aggressive Top laner Buggax showed us what he’s made of with three games of Jayce and a particularly strong Gangplank with the help of his jungler, SolidSnake. AD Carry Whitelotus also had a strong performance with some very impressive Kai’sa games along with his support, Ackerman. A team driven to win, they should be a tough competitor in the upcoming tournament.

The İstanbul Wild Cats (also known as fastPay Wild Cats) are your 2021 Turkish Championship League winners for the Winter Split and the next team that will be competing in this year’s MSI. They won against 1907 Fenerbahçe in a very entertaining 4 game series. A notable player in these games would absolutely have to be their man in the Jungle, Ferret. He is a very confident player and clearly has his objective timings down to a T as well as usually being the main engage for his team; I’m very excited to see how he performs on the MSI stage. Another player that caught my eye is their Top laner, Starscreen. He’s been performing spectacularly with high tournament results and an award for “Most Improved Player” to boot. Definitely one to look out for.

Ah, the MAD Lions, your LEC Champions. After finishing third in the regular season they had an enormous task ahead of them. They did however, win all of their best-of-five’s in the playoffs. Despite an average split performance, they played a strong 5 games and was even able to execute a reverse sweep. I truly believe Armut was MVP in this series; his engage, his team fight confidence and his ability to play weak side is very exciting to see. Mid laner Humanoid also had a good performance, playing a lot around his Jungler Elyoya. Something about the MAD Lions that I worry about is Bot lane of ADC Carzzy and Support Kaiser. Fantastic players but they do tend to get caught out of position often, especially early game which leaves them open for punishment. I believe if this issue can be worked on or even fixed by the time they arrive in Iceland, they will absolutely be a force to be reckoned with.

This year’s CBLOL winners for split one are paiN Gaming with their victory over Vorax. Tinowns, PNG’s terror in the Mid lane, played a fantastic series, even pulling out the Vel’koz to challenge Krastyel’s Azir with great success. It’d be a crime to then not talk about paiN’s ADC brTT, an absolute favourite among his fans in Brazil. Expect aggressive plays and shotcalling from this one; he should be an absolute pleasure to watch.

Next up is Oceania’s representatives, Pentanet.GG. Now, Pentanet had a very dominant regular season; only dropping one game in the whole series to Gravitas. They found a lot of their success through their ADC Praedyth who seems to be very comfortable on many different types of Marksmen. Alongside him his Support Decoy is also always comfortable playing different roles of the Support position, be it enchanters, engagers or poke supports which should be a great advantage to the team. It should also be acknowledged that Pentanet will also be bringing female Support DSN along with them as a sub. After their win with her in the squad for the LCO championship, we are cheering both for the team as a whole and for DSN herself and would love to see her show what she’s made of on a global stage.

With a beyond impressive split, recording a 17-1 win/loss, PSG Talon won their PCS Spring split, beating Beyond Gaming in a dominating 3-0 sweep not once, but twice in a row. A roster that those who watched the early stages of Worlds 2020 would recognise, all the players played well, though their success rode on the shoulders of Unified, their ADC who showed mastery on Kai’Sa throughout the finals, as well as Maple, their Mid Laner who absolutely demolished Maoan in all three games, showing his capabilities on Azir, Galio and Corki. While this team’s stint at Worlds was cut short in the Group Stage, I believe they can be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming MSI tournament, their first game against MAD Lions starting at 4.00am AEST on Friday morning.

Royal Never Give Up defeated previous World Champions FPX in the LPL Spring Split final for their spot at MSI. Now this team. Is. Scary. They finished top of the table during the regular season in dominating fashion and it seems the team is just improving from there. My first player to watch for at MSI is definitely Support Ming. He has been playing out of his mind recently on engage picks like Sett and Leona. Partner that with the LPL Playoffs MVP GALA? It’s very exciting stuff. Speaking of GALA, this AD Carry has also had an insane performance this year as well with much deserved praise from casters and fans alike. Coupled with the rest of their incredibly talented roster, this team should be feared and respected, and they are my prediction to take home the trophy this year.

The Unicorns of Love are the 2021 LCL champions, finishing 4th in the regular season and earning two wins in their best-of-five games. They ultimately defeated CrowCrowd for the title. A lot of their success can be accredited to their Mid laner Nomanz, thriving on Meta-favoured scaling AP champions such as Viktor and Cassiopeia. Top laner BOSS has also shown his comfort on champions like Gnar and Sion which ended up being an absolute nightmare for CC to deal with. Credit can also be given to Jungler AHaHaCiK for constant team play and the ability to set up a teamfight for his squad. Last Worlds event, they were slapped with a disappointing and uncharacteristic 0/6 record but I truly believe that come MSI, they should be a strong competitive team driven for success.

OCE Australia/NZ involvement

OCE has the pleasure of sending 7 of our Australian and New Zealand representatives to this year’s MSI. Our LCO Victors Pentanet.GG are bringing 6 of those; BioPanther, Pabu, Chazz, Praedyth, Decoy and DSN. We’ll also be represented by Australian Top laner for Cloud9, Fudge.

Group Stage

The first game of MSI 2021 between DAMWON Gaming and Cloud9 takes place on Thursday, 6th of May 11:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Champions Viego and Gwen will be disabled for the entirety of the tournament.

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