Community Members Top 10: March

Posted by Musicality 1st April 2021 in TOP COMMUNITY MEMBERS

Are you ready to see what our Top 10 Community Members have been doing during March? We’d like to give a shout out to our top 10 Community Members for being active in our community. Thank you for keeping us all up to date with the latest news and info on what’s been happening – as well as hilarious and wonderful memes throughout all of March!

Mario Martin


MIchelle skip

Sam Rad

Thiago Alcantara

Joshua Abatol Cabanada

Nicholas Grundy

Brad Greene


matthew YELLAND

Stats taken from our Facebook Group

Sam Rad knocks it out of the park with his hilarious memes!
Brad Greene always keeping us in the loop with memes, skins and more!
Thiago Alcantara constantly getting a laugh out of us with his many memes!
Mario Martin being an MVP and engaging with posts in the comments!
Michelle Skip – laughs at all the memes but too lazy to make her own!
Joshua Abatol Cabanada for sharing a bonkers Prowler’s Claw Nasus build.
Nicholas Grundy for sharing his game stats and participating in the comments!
Matthew Yellard for sharing his dashing outplays on Leona!
Anna McLardy always looking for friendly faces to join and play with!
Ben Watson always participating and sharing new info to the community!

Our admins appreciate your contributions, and we value the laughs and sense of community you all help create. We have a lot planned this year, and we’re excited to share many more laughs, tournaments, games, giveaways and maybe even some live events in the months to come.

Have you ever considered being an admin with Summoners’ Society? We’re still hiring for our Community Content Team, our Social Media Team, and our Community Events Team.

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