Top 10 Community Members: February

Posted by ShadowsAngel 1st March 2021 in TOP COMMUNITY MEMBERS

Are you ready to see what our Top 10 Community Members have been up to this February?
Whether you ran solo, found a new duo partner, or ran some rounds with a long-time partner – it’s safe to say that February and Valentines day went by in a… heartbeat. (Don’t kill me, puns are awesome!) The admin team at Summoners’ Society like to take a moment each month to say thank you to our online family and those that contribute in the community.

Sam Rad

Brad Greene

Thiago Alcantara

Mario Martin

Michelle Skip

Joshua Abatol Cabanada

Nicholas Grundy

Brodie Styles

Will Dunn

Andrew Simpson

Stats taken from our Facebook Group

Sam Rad never fails to entertain us all with lit meme‘s – not to mention, start a fight!
Brad Greene starting conversations with ‘controversial’ meme‘s.
Thiago Silva engaging with likes, posts and comments galore!
Mario Martin never fails to comment their thoughts, opinions, or start a laugh!
Michelle Skip supporting our Esports community, and keeping us all in the loop.
Joshua Abatol Cabanada being tagged by their friends left right and center – Joshua is always around.
Nicholas Grundy liking them meme’s, and keeping the conversation fresh.
Brodie Styles searching for the perfect team mates in our community.
Will Dunn a solid contributor to the conversations we have.
Andrew Simpson keeping that positive attitude, sharing his game stats, giving and asking advice.

Our admins appreciate your contributions, and we value the laughs and sense of community you all help create. We have a lot planned this year, and we’re excited to share many more laughs, tournaments, games, giveaways and maybe even some live events in the months to come. February went by in a flash, but never fear – there’s plenty ahead to enjoy.

Have you ever considered being an admin with Summoners’ Society? We’re still hiring for our Community Content Team, our Social Media Team, and our Community Events Team.

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