Summoners Invitational Circuit

Posted by keshiakimber1 22nd February 2021 in EVENTS

We are excited to announce the ‘Summoners Invitational Circuit’ (SIC) Split 1 for 2021!

This will be our 9th successful split. SIC has been running since 2017. The idea behind it is to have a place for amateur teams to gain the skills they need to compete professionally.

Over 20 volunteers work incredibly hard to bring a fantastic product for not only the players but the community.

Please come and check it out!

Start Date: 22.02
Pre show: 5pm (AEDT)
First Match 6:10pm (AEDT)
Prize pool currently: $376
[SIC runs every Monday night for 13 weeks]
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The Split Schedule

The Teams

Order from Left to Right
Desire, Dissonance, Era, Exile, Kraken, Weekend Warriors, Mcom, QUT Tigers, Team Zyzz & Weeknight Warriors

The Broadcast team

Order from left to right
Baz, Weapon, Mendrix, Midnight, Teacko, Formal Quirky, Blackneko, Fetch & Hedgy

Currently raised: $76

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