Create a Sandwich LoL Quiz!

Posted by keshiakimber1 5th February 2021 in QUIZ

Create a Sandwich and we will guess what LoL role you play! Take the Quiz Today! Create a Sandwich LoL Quiz!

Have you ever wondered if your sandwich making habits reveal what role you’d play best? Look no further! This quiz will take you through making a sandwich, starting from which bread you’d use, your fillings, sauces, and wrappings. Your sandwich tastes will tell if you’re a team player. Stealthy assassin? What about your sandwich could possibly reveal these personality traits? Have you ever thought your sauce choice would be an indication of your lane? Your play style? Create a Sandwich and we will guess what role you play!

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Have you ever wondered what League of Legends Champion you are? Fear not! We have the person quiz for you! This fun little quiz will help determine if you are as pretty as Lux or as strong as Garen!

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If you enjoy Facebook: Join over 12,000 active summoners here. Not only will you make new friends and learn helpful tips and tricks, but you’ll find an endless supply of memes.

If Facebook isn’t your style don’t worry we have got you covered with discord, join here.

Team up with Summoners’ Society Today!

Summoners’ Society (SumSoc) is the largest League of Legends (LoL), Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Valorant (VAL) and Legends of Runeterra (LoR) community group in Oceania.

We have over 17.4k+ members across all our platforms. Our two main platforms being a Facebook group which has a 12k+ community members and our discord server as well.

We have a team of over 60+ Volunteers and we are always looking for more.

Recently we were hired by Riot OCE to run UTOPL. Over 30 admins where hired and ran an amazing online event to celebrate OPL 2020.

SumSoc is a great place to learn skills to help advance your career. Not only will you be part of an amazing family that will support you, you will also get to be part of some incredible things. SumSoc is also just a fun place where you’ll make some really amazing friends and have a really good time.

Here at SumSoc we believe in growth culture where we don’t focus on mistakes but moving forward instead. It is a supportive environment for anyone who may suffer with an illness or mental health. Summoners’ Society are also proud of our diverse team. This is truly a place of acceptance and family.

If you’re a passionate summoner, and you think you’d be a good fit for our family, please apply to volunteer with us today!

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Create a Sandwich LoL Quiz! Create a Sandwich LoL Quiz!

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