Women’s & LGBTQI+ LoL Mixer

Posted by chamalpaulis 1st February 2021 in EVENTS

Women’s & LGBTQI+ LoL Mixer

This event is all about us socializing and getting to know each other and Hopefully building some long lasting friendships. We will play some mini games, and other exciting things to keep the conversation going. During the night we will even play some 1 v 1s against each other. If you are little on the shy side don’t worry you can always join a voice channel and mute and text to everyone and if you feel comfortable you are always welcome to unmute.

Don’t worry if this is your first time attending or even playing League of Legends! This event is welcome to any skill level. During this event you will also get to know some of the admins, where you can ask questions about Summoners’ Society future events, how to sign up, or any other questions that you may have. If this event is successful we hope to run lots more!

Here are the rules for this event. We will play in Draft Pick in the Howling Abyss map. The win conditions for the 1v1s are first blood, first to destroy a tower, or the first to 100 cs.

Here are some details about this event:

Date: 24th | Wednesday of FEB 2021
Time: 6:30 p.m. onwards

Where: Safe Space in the Discord

So, how do you play in this event? Follow the instructions below!

Firstly, join our discord and obtain the role for Safe Space Verify. We make verification to enter a requirement simply to ensure that no toxicity or abuse will exist in the safe space and safe space events.

Afterwards, scroll down the channel list until you come across the Safe Space category, once you are there, click on to the “verify” channel and follow the instructions.

Here is how you get verified:

This is a private section for women and LGBTQI+ members. To access this area you will need to message @Loststardust or @Kapuriā™”! You will need to message them a photo of you holding a sign with ‘SumSoc + IGN’

Once you have done this, admins will verify and you will be requested to delete the photo!

After you have been verified, look out for an announcement in the Safe Space category and follow the directions!

We hope to see you at the next Women’s & LGBTQI+ LoL Mixer!

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