Top 10 Community Members: January

Posted by ShadowsAngel 1st February 2021 in TOP COMMUNITY MEMBERS

Are you ready to see what our Top 10 Community Members have been up to?
It has been a rather unusual holiday season this year, with many of us staying at home instead of traveling to see family. The admin team at Summoners’ Society like to take a moment each month to say thank you to our online family and those that contribute in the community.

Brad Greene

Thiago Silva

Sam Rad

Hikado Yuki

Nicholas Grundy

Jessica Stennings

Mario Martin

Wade McKay

Bodie Hansen

Jim Rokolacadamu

Stats taken from our Facebook Group

Brad Greene always providing meme‘s that get the community laughing.
Thiago Silva coming at us again with SKT Faker videos, and on point meme’s!
Sam Rad throwing down sick meme‘s to keep us snorting our noodles.
Hikado Yuki sharing plays and meme’s like there’s no tomorrow.
Nicholas Grundy keeps their finger on the pulse of the realm of ranked games.
Jessica Stennings sharing their cheeky tips going into a new ranked season.
Mario Martin always joining the conversation with their witty comments.
Wade McKay searching for the perfect duo in the new season.
Bodie Hansen sharing plays and champ updates on the sly.
Jim Rokolacadamu gifting the memes we will cherish for at least the next month!

Our admins appreciate your contributions, and we value the laughs and sense of community you all help create. We have a lot planned this year, and we’re excited to share many more laughs, tournaments, games, giveaways and maybe even some live events in the months to come. January was just the beginning of a new and epic year we will share with you all.

Have you ever considered being an admin with Summoners’ Society? We’re still hiring for our Community Content Team, our Social Media Team, and our Community Events Team.

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