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Posted by jazzwald 1st January 2021 in HIRING

Team up with Summoners’ Society on the Social Media Team

Summoners’ Society is a great place to gain the experience for a Social Media Job! During this time you will be working with your team leader across multiple platforms. One the most important part of the cogs in the Summoners’ Society machine, as you will be letting the community know about important things happening. You will be getting to know the community and assisting them with anything you need.


  • Managing a Facebook page, Facebook Community Group and Instagram page. This includes content creation, posting and general analysis
  • Curating content for our platforms
  • Stay up to date with latest social media best practices & technologies
  • Building a community on these different platforms (Eg. Replying, liking to comments and engaging with our community) 
  • The ability to learn new programs & concepts 
  • Working in a team with efficient communication 
  • Attend a weekly meeting, with a working mic and during this meeting express ideas, feedback and improvements. 

Required Qualifications

  • A basic knowledge of Facebook, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn & Discord.  
  • Willing to learn Canva & any other programs to help benefit the team 
  • A passion for games created by Riot Games.
  • A clear understanding of Riot Games games. 

Our perks 

  • Being a part of family 
  • Opportunities for paid events
  • Resume help and support
  • An excellent Reference 
  • Mental health support from the team
  • Games nights with the team 
  • Growth and development professionally and personally 

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