Wild Rift : League of Legends Review

Posted by Musicality 22nd December 2020 in BLOG

So in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, Riot’s released their brand new mobile version of League – League of Legends: Wild Rift. For those unfamiliar, it’s essentially the same game as league with a few slight tweaks.

The obvious being that it’s on mobile phones, which means no keyboard, no mouse to use and aim your abilities with. This means that a lot of the abilities we know and love have been tweaked to ever so slightly work better on mobile phones. A quick example being that Ashe’s ult that we all hate for it’s everlasting stun, can now be directed and chase you down the lane to eventually perma stun you. Oh and Lux mains rejoice – her ult is global now.

Alongside the same route, there’s no longer a top or a bottom lane. Instead we have baron (top) and dragon (bot) lane. This is because no matter which team you’re on on Wild Rift. You will always be playing the blue side. How? You ask. Well the map will automatically rotate for you when playing on the red side instead. I can only assume they’ve done this to reduce how clunky the game would feel if you were playing on the red side of the map. 

Most of the champions are back, including classics like Blitzcrank, Zed, Ashe and Miss Fortune. With some higher skill ceiling champs being included such as Akali, Fiora, Jhin, etc. Most of the champions feel about the same, but man I won’t lie, some of them feel weird as anything. Especially Akali, who I decided to pick up and play the most – all her abilities are the same, but stringing them together with the way Riot has made skillshots in the game can feel so awkward. 

Games are a bit shorter than in normal league, with the max level being 15 and the removal of inhibitor and nexus towers. This feels a lot better because after a while of staring at a small phone screen it can get a little straining on the eyes. Speaking of aesthetics, this game looks so much nicer than League. All champions have a cool little introduction when being unlocked, or have some sort of animation pseudo representative of their playstyle and abilities. Skins have had major reworks or tune ups from their previous versions and now some of the older ones actually look worthwhile instead of throwing them in the trash. 

Due to the short game times, it’s pretty alright to play on the go as well. But from what I’ve experienced ping wise, 4G doesn’t really seem to cut it. I’ve tried testing ping on non-wifi sources and it tends to spike up around the 300ms mark making the game relatively unplayable. 

If you are looking to play Wild Rift, I recommend picking it up right now. Riot’s got some really great events going ingame that give things like free skins, free champions and other cosmetics available in the open beta. Definitely give it a shot, if you’re familiar with League it works in almost the exact same way – you know just minus the keyboard and mouse.

Wild Rift

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