SumSoc Christmas!

Posted by jazzwald 9th December 2020 in EVENTS

You are officially invited to the SumSoc Christmas party! When is it you ask…?

Date: December 19th 2020

Time: 7pm – Midnight

The 2020 year has been rough on all of us but now is the time we come together to end this year on a high note. During this night we have a variety of panels and games for you to participate in and join the fun. Not to mention a few competitions and prizes along the way.

Here are all the goodies that we have in store you this magical SumSoc night….


Stream: Opening Ceremony | Emoji Christmas Hunt
Give Away: Decorate Jhingerbread & Maokai Tree Competition
Event: Amoung Us & Jack Box Games
Panel: Art with PowPowPanda


Give Away: Guess that Champion!
Event: Mundo Ball
Panel: Come try Casting
Artists Panel: Community Photos into Champions


Give Away: SumSoc Quiz
Event: Imposter Aram
Panel: Art with Zookie


Give Away: SumSoc Community XMAS Video
Event: Community Christmas Movie Watching
Event: Valorant Mini Games – Zip Line Jousting/Brimstone Ult Dodge


Give Away: Amoung Us Champion Design
Event: Amoung Us & Jack Box Games


Stream: Closing Ceremony | Emoji Christmas Hunt

So without further ado here is your official invitation!
Hope to see you there!

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