What Role should I play? League of Legends QUIZ

Posted by keshiakimber1 1st November 2020 in INTERACTIVE

Have you ever wondered what role you should play for League of Legends? Then we have the quiz for you! This fun little quiz will help determine: If you’ve got the brains for Middle lane, the strength for Top, the strategic knowledge for Jungle, the skill for ADC or the leadership for Support!


Now you know what role to play! It’s time to pick some champions.


ADC: Ashe
With simple auto attack animation, slowing attacks to keep enemies at bay, very easy to manage abilities and a straight forward ultimate.



Support: Sona
The simplest of simple champions with only one ability you need to aim.



Jungle: Vi
A great champion for newcomers to as she has easy to comprehend abilities and a great ultimate for taking down enemy champions quickly.



Top Lane: Maokai
A sturdy tank with some ideal crowd control capabilities that allow him to excel in team fights. He has a very straight forwards ability combination and is always a welcome addition to any team comp in solo queue.



Mid Lane: Lux
A jack of all trades with high damage and a load utility to help her team even if she falls behind.


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