Worlds 2020 Analysis and Predictions So Far

Posted by xkiwicup 27th October 2020 in BLOG

Worlds 2020 have thrown all sorts of curveballs at us. Here I am to make predictions and provide an analysis of how I think each team has performed at worlds so far. Legacy gave us a sense of hope that maybe OCE could put down other teams and qualify for worlds. Top Esports reverse sweep on Fnatic, proving that they deserve their place in the quarter-finals. NA meeting all expectations and speedrunning the airport home. Caps’ Sylas, an absolute masterpiece putting G2 up 3-0 against Gen G, a series that was deemed to be a coinflip. Overall, this year has been nothing short of spectacular. Although not having an electric crowd in the background to follow the hype of the casters, the gameplay has been phenomenal.


Let’s begin with Play-Ins, with OCE finishing as a second seed in Pool A there was a lot of hype in twitch chat. Many people laughing at Dan Andrews as the Americans get confused, the constant spam of “OCE WILL NOT BE SILENCED” at every inch OCE gets closer to the world’s stage. Raes showed a lot of promise as an ADC player and carried his team on his back through some of the late games. 

NA was shaky losing to INTZ, a team that went 1-3 in play-ins. Although NA always receives the most flame during Worlds, their presence in play-ins is always felt and they very commonly come out on top. 

LGD stood out a lot in play-ins, they started 1-3 in the round-robin and absolutely shocked the world with their qualification matches. Beating Rainbow7 3-0 in the semifinals but also beating Legacy 3-0 in their match to send them to worlds. This shocked absolutely everyone, casters, viewers, other teams. LGD was a force to be reckoned with when their team was on the line of elimination. 

Mad lions were a big favourite from the casters and analysts as a young team looking to make a name for themselves. Coming in at the 4th EU seed Mad Lions really had something to prove that they deserved to be at the next level. Unfortunately, they fell short but best of luck to them going into the future.


Group A finished in order as Suning, G2 Esports, Team Liquid, Machi Esports. Suning and G2 battled it out fiercely to tackle the top spot. Suning surprisingly came out on top as G2 were the group favourites. This really put an imprint on the rest of the teams. Showing that they are a team that can contend for this year’s title. Team Liquid were 1-3 in their first four games and Twitch chat was rolling! They really managed to silence the haters in chat by winning their last 2 games of the groups seeding. One of their victories coming against Suning, the group winners. Unfortunately Machi Esports showed very little promise with only 1 win against Team Liquid.

Group B was very strong, holding the number 1 Korean seed Damwon Gaming. Damwon showed how they deserve to be champions this year winning every single game except for their game against JDG. Damwon is definitely a very entertaining team to watch and I highly recommend going to watch as many games from them as possible. JD Gaming came out strong winning 4 of their 6 seeding games, we all expected this coming from an LPL team. They showed that they are here to play and are willing to eliminate enemies in their way. PSG and Rogue both came short and really underperformed although it can be extremely difficult against respectful teams such as JD and Damwon.

Group C was outstanding, watching these guys play was nothing short of spectacular, although TSM (KEKW) tanked the tournament. In all honesty with the opponents they had to face it was a clear expectation and I’m sure any other NA team would have struggled too. Gen.G showed a lot of poise for a Group that didn’t have a clear top team. They dropped only one game which was to Fnatic, making things much more interesting. Talking of Fnatic, they are definitely a Fan favourite when it comes to EU, that goes for me too. Fnatic have a lot of charisma and are previous Season 1 champions. They always make it very far and I hope the best for them! LGD gaming showed they earned their spot in the groups stage, they unfortunately did finish 3-3 and didn’t qualify for quarterfinals but best of luck for them next year.

Group D was interesting, it features probably the best team in the tournament TES, and some of the lowest teams with FlyQuest and UOL. Unicorns of love is a team that seems to always be in play-ins, they really couldn’t hit the mark this year and got sent home very early finishing 0-6. FlyQuest did surprisingly better than expected coming 3-3, they did a good job taking 2 games from UOL and also surprisingly beating TES.

As a TES supporter, I had a really tough time watching. Coming into the tournament, TES was the favourite, they showed their dominance through this group stage, they also showed an early game weakness in their match against FlyQuest but really bounced back to prove themselves. DRX was also another team with a lot of hype, the 2nd seed of Korea has a lot of expectations these days following Korea’s dominance in worlds tournaments year after year and they have done well to withhold their standards and make it out of the group’s stage.

Streets of Shanghai – Gen.G

Damwon vs DRX was a classic Korean derby, number 1 and 2 seed battling it out for bragging rights. Ghost and Canyon put on a clinic to destroy DRX in a 3 game sweep. There isn’t much to say but Damwon is definitely a team to watch. I am sure Damwon will make the grand final of worlds. Who knows how they will perform in the semi-finals but best of luck to them.

JD Gaming vs Suning was a battle of two very strong teams playing inconsistently. Huan Feng was a definite MVP for this series, his Jhin was absolutely insane. Suning places themselves an opportunity at a world title if they are successful in their semi-final matchup against TES. If they come out victorious then they will be the best underdogs to watch in a long time. Ever since C9 swept its quarterfinal matchup in 2018.

TES vs Fnatic quarterfinals was a rollercoaster ride, starting with Bwipo pulling out a surprise pick Singed. Fnatic smashed through the first 2 games going 2-0 against TES. Fnatic played heavily on bot lane priority, they made Jackeylove, look like a fool in these first two games. Being up 2-0 Sjokz hyped up Fnatic maybe a little too much and as chat would say “Jinx” Fnatic. There had never ever been a reverse sweep in world history. TES had to make history to stay alive in the tournament and they definitely did.

Karsa was an absolute monster alongside Knight, this duo is arguably the best in the whole tournament. When it was time to step up, TES showed up and proved why they deserve to be champions. Best of luck to them heading into their semi-final matchup with Suning. An unfortunate farewell to a great team in Fnatic.

G2 vs Gen.G was undoubtedly one of the most unpredictable outcomes of the tournament. G2 had been playing very rusty and inconsistent in the group stage. Whereas Gen.G were very strong opponents finishing first in their group. They come out and just destroy Gen.G in a 3 game sweep. Caps’ Sylas was out of this world and Caps carried G2 to victory. G2 shows a lot of promise heading into their match with Damwon but Damwon is obviously an extremely tough team and I wish them the best of luck!

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