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Posted by Musicality 27th October 2020 in BLOG

We’ve hit the World finals again, and with each world finals Riot brings out new K/DA content and events for us players to enjoy!

League of Legends

First up in League we have the new champion Seraphine, The Starry-Eyed Songstress. From the looks of it she’s a supportive mid laner with capabilities to turn the tide of a fight. Alongside that she’s being released with the first ultimate skin to be made in a couple of years. K/DA All Out Seraphine will have 3 different variations, each one unlockable through missions. You’ll follow her as she makes her way from Indie Artist to International Superstar. On top of that we’ve got the return of the classic K/DA crew, with skins for Akali, Kai’sa, Evelynn and Ahri. We also are getting our second Prestige Skin for Kai’sa, which is available for purchase from the event store for Worlds 2020.

K/DA All Out Seraphine Splash

Teamfight Tactics

For TFT, we seem to be getting new Little Legend Variants that align with the K/DA champions. Hushtail, Squink, Pengu, Furyhorn and Lightcharger will be receiving a K/DA makeover in line with the event. These should be able to be bought from the store for 490RP for an egg, or 925RP for the direct purchase. 

Legends Of Runeterra

Finally, for LoR, an event pass including K/DA themed items! With a purchase of the premium event pass you can receive bonus goodies like new Guardians etc. On top of that a limited time game mode called “K/DA Star Power” will be featured in the Labs. This game mode will show off the 5 new cards, with each representing one of the champions. Finally, a themed board will be available for purchase in the store. This board will have its own unique animations and special instrumental versions of K/DA songs.

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