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Posted by ShadowsAngel 27th October 2020 in TOP COMMUNITY MEMBERS

The month of October is generally filled with spooky parties and funky costumes. Here at Summoners’ Society, we’ve been focusing on giving more to the community and bringing you exciting new opportunities. Although most of what we do is behind-the-scenes, we wanted to take a moment to let you know we see you!

Did you host a party for Halloween? Can you believe we’re only 8 weeks from Christmas?! Personally I’d like to stay inside playing League and not shopping for presents for just a little longer!

You haven’t let us down this month, as you’ve all continued to impress us with your memes, plays, fails and more. Your impromptu ‘on the spot’ cosplays are brilliant! From all of our SumSoc admins, thank you for being a part of our community.

Our top 10 community members for this month are:

Brad Greene

Thiago Silva

Hikado Yuki

Joshua Abatol Cabanada

Mario Martin

Ashley West

Sam Rad

Evelyn Fjarnskaggl

Ross Hitchens

Tyrone Hughson

Brad has been sharing the latest meme’s and Esports updates. Thiago has been keeping us up to date with Faker’s posts. Hikado shares their stats, plays and the climb through ranked. Joshua is at it again with fresh meme posts. Mario has found others to rant with, discussing the latest bugs and their ideas for the Rift. Ashley is happy to jump in to any conversation and have a chat. Sam is another with the skill to find and share the awesome meme’s! Evelyn shares their plays and fails, always happy to chat when it comes to the grind on the Rift. Ross is also on their ranked journey, looking for and sharing the tips and tricks. Last but not least, Jireh isn’t shy when it comes to asking for tips, looking for other players, and sharing his thoughts with us.

keyboard green

We love seeing the meme’s you share, the plays and fails – and seeing you find new friends for life in our community. We hope you’re enjoying October whether you’re indoors playing games, or socializing safely with friends.

Don’t forget that sunshine, fresh air, and water are essential to your health. Remember to take breaks from your gaming – even if you’re just popping over to SumSoc to say hello. You can always find people in our community if you want to chat, play a game, or find a challenge.

Please stay safe and smart out there, and remember we’re here for you.

See you on the Rift!

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