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UTOPL ARTIST: CattyTheDoormat

Our next two pieces were drawn by none other than CattyTheDoormat with some of the baddest (and deadliest) girls in Riot Games. Once again we asked Cat to answer some questions to give us some insight to her perspective and passion for drawing.

Never give up on silly little doodles


Twitter: https://twitter.com/CattyTheDoormat
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cattythedoormat/

What inspired you to start drawing? / How long have you been drawing for?

“I’m very blessed to have a family that always supported me in drawing. It’s remained a hobby for a large part of my life (probably like 14-15 years). Digital art has been more recent- I think 4-5 years? Having said that, drawing is totally a skill that anyone can learn, young or old! It’s never too late.”

If you could travel back in time and give yourself some advice on drawing. What would it be?

“Maybe to draw with better posture? Haha, I’m not entirely sure. Probably just to stay motivated and consistent. The art world is so huge and diverse and truly has a space for so many different styles/genres. I’d probably wish that I’d ignored that inner voice telling me that there was no money or success to be had in art.”

Why do you love drawing League of Legends?

“I think League does a really great job of establishing lore through voice lines, especially with the newer champions, and gives us a great taste into the world of Runeterra. The characters are diverse, all with different motives and personalities- so there’s bound to be one (if not many) that you can relate to or admire. I’ve played the game for a few years now, and it only made sense to draw fan art of characters I love. It’s been an honour to become friends with so many amazing artists, and a pleasure to watch them create unique work of characters we’ve grown to love. The community is great, and it’s been so much fun to develop my skills through drawing these characters!”

What type of art do you enjoy drawing? Why? (e.g people, space, landscapes)

“People/Characters! It kinda goes without saying that everyone has unique stories, personalities, features and qualities. To me, there’s nothing more satisfying than looking back at a piece and seeing a character reflected with your own personal twist or ideas about how they should look or behave. I feel like drawing characters gives you the ability to breathe new life into them, and requires you to be thoughtful about poses, angles and lighting. Having said all of this, I think landscapes are so beautiful, and I 100% need to learn more techniques for drawing backgrounds.”

Who is your favourite League of Legends character to draw and why?

“I think Qiyana is my favourite character to draw because she has a very distinct design and personality. Ahri is also a very quintessential League character, and you can really interpret her in a lot of ways!”

The Baddest Girls

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