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Posted by keshiakimber1 18th September 2020 in BLOG

UTOPL was a party to showcase the League of Legends 2020 split two Grand Final between Legacy and Order. With Utopians coming from all over Oceania to take part in the event it was a night to remember! With art showcases, games, panels and more on offer it went late into the night like any good party should.

Our first featured artist is none other than our very own Zookie. Her artistic talent has been showcased many times before but we are all still in awe of her work. Here are a few questions she answered for us to give us a look into her passion for drawing.


The Cosmic Dragon, Cosmic Miss Fortune; Cosmic Yuumi; Cosmic Poro, Bath Time Sion & PJ Rumble.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/zookie_art
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zookie_art/

What inspired you to start drawing? / How long have you been drawing for?

“I’ve always been really into fantasy stories and at a young age this inspired me to draw. I spent years drawing dragons and elves. I’ve honestly been drawing for as long as I can remember and made the proper transition to digital art back in 2016.”

If you could travel back in time and give yourself some advice on drawing. What would it be?

“Two things – Use references and always learn from every piece of art you do. The first piece of advice is simple but one that a lot of beginner artists (including me when I started) rarely use. Everyone should use references no matter your skill level! I promise you it will improve every artwork you do. 

The second piece of advice is also vital to improving your skills. Always think about the good and bad elements of each artwork as you can learn from all of it. Even horrible sketches can tell you something that you can learn from. Why didn’t it go further? What wasn’t working? How can you improve/work on that for next time? These questions are all so important in making sure your next art is even better!”

Why do you love drawing League of Legends?

“League is filled with such amazing concepts, characters and environments. It is an endless source of inspiration for artists and for me! I’ve drawn a lot of league art over the years – from huge environment pieces to character portraits to skin concepts. It’s always so much fun to draw.”

What type of art do you enjoy drawing? Why? (e.g people, space, landscapes)

“I have a soft spot for drawing character artworks. It’s so much fun to work out how to bring across a character’s personality in an illustration.”

Who is your favourite League of Legends character to draw and why?

“Illaoi! She is my favourite champion and I love drawing super intense illustrations of her. She has such a different aesthetic to all the other female champions and I really enjoy trying to capture that.”

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