Community Top Ten – September 2020

Posted by ShadowsAngel 18th September 2020 in TOP COMMUNITY MEMBERS

Another month has passed in this bizarre year of staying indoors, playing our favourite games, and catching up with our friends via digital screens.  We’d like to take a moment to recognise the community members in Summoners’ Society who contribute to the group the most and help make it the engaging, interactive place that it is.

From ‘milk-out-the-nose’ meme’s to the best plays, the funniest fails and sharing pro tips, you all come up with the content to share with each other, and we love seeing what you contribute!

Our Top 10 community members for this month are:

Brad Greene

Louis Ashton

Lachlan Hilston

Mario Martin

Gerred Lennon

Joshua Abatol Cabanada

Anthony Bull

Thiago Silva

Ross Hitchens

Jireh Leslie

Brad finds the best information on the latest League skins and upcoming events for the Rift. Louis links his epic live streams for us all to enjoy! Lachlan shares his plays, his fails, and he’s always keen to find people to play with in our community. Mario shares his thoughts, and likes to ask the community what they think in return. Gerred also shares his Twitch stream, for the community to engage with. Joshua brings the fun with his brilliant meme’s. Anthony is a bit of an all-rounder, sharing his plays, finding people to play with, and some kick-ass meme’s. Thiago is a big Faker fan, always sharing the latest posts. Ross has shared his progress in ranked, while looking for other players and pro tips to improve. Last but not least, Jireh hits us with his Valorant plays, bringing in the love for the new Riot FPS.

PC community computer

Thank you for being an active part of our community.  Our admin team strives to create a safe place where you can find people to game with, compete with, brag with, and make friends.  We’ve built a big family filled with passionate LoL gamers and we look forward to growing our community into a bigger and better place every year.

Summoners’ Society runs tournaments, competitions, casual games, and parties!  While Covid19 is around we’ve had to cancel our live events – and we miss you all.  What do you miss the most?  Do you have ideas on how we can party online together instead?  Which live events would you like to see us attend? Are there online events you’re looking forward to?

Please stay safe and smart out there, and remember we’re here for you.

See you on the Rift!

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