OCE Tournaments – October

Posted by keshiakimber1 17th September 2020 in EVENTSTOURNAMENTS

This months OCE tournaments from Summoners’ Society! Whether you’re looking to prove your smooth brain in TFT, show off your Lee Sin mechanics in League or try to convince your team that you didn’t mean to blind them in Valorant, we got you covered! Check out our OCE tournaments below.

Fates – Teamfight Tactics

Do you consider yourself to be a Teamfight Tactician? Have you been practicing on the PBE? Are you ready to face your FATE? If so, come join in on our weekly TFT nights on Tuesdays all through October. Combat against friends, foe, and anyone in between to prove that your brain has the most wrinkles in all of SumSoc! 

When: Tuesdays 7:00pm (Sydney time)
Where: SumSoc Discord
Requirements: High IQ 
Region: Oceania
1st to 4th: $10 Paypal or $10RP or 2x TFT Eggs 
5th to 8th: 1x TFT Egg

Summoners’ Invitational Circuit Quarters, Semis & Finals

It’s time for the Summoner’s Invitational Circuit (SIC) spring split! Come watch as the SIC reaches it’s thrilling conclusion with the quarter, semi-final and final matches each Monday during October. Watch on Twitch to see some of the best talent in Oceania battle it out for the grand prize of $300!

When: Mondays till 19th October
Where: Twitch
Requirements: Absolutely nothing!

Iron To Plat – League of Legends

Not the most competitive player but still want to test your might? Throughout all of October we’ll be running our Iron to Plat tournaments every Thursday. Grab some friends/join as a free agent and take part to “limit test” yourself facing off against the best Iron to Plat has to offer!

When: Thursday 6.30pm (Sydney time)
Sign up: Battlefy
Play: SumSoc Discord
Requirements: Must be ranked Iron – Plat
Region: Oceania
1st: $5RP or $5 Paypal or Mystery Skins (per player / up to five players)
2nd: Mystery skins (per player / up to five players)
3rd: Hextech Chest + Key (per player / up to five players)

Valorant – Open Rank

Do you grab Ghost on Round 1? Hold long with an Operator? 1v9 as a toxic Jett main? Ready to Rush B? SumSoc is holding our weekly Valorant tournaments throughout all of October!

When: Saturdays 6:30pm (Sydney time)
Sign up: Battlefy
SumSoc Discord
Requirements: A team of 5, or solo sign up
Region: Oceania
Prizes: 1st place team $8 per player (Up to 5 players)

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