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Posted by keshiakimber1 17th September 2020 in HIRING

Are you passionate about any of RIOT Games Video games?! Then we want you to help volunteer for our League of Legends group today!

Summoners’ Society (SumSoc) is the largest League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra community group in Oceania. We have over 17456+ members across all our platforms. We have a facebook group (12k+) and a few discord groups that make up the rest. We have over 60+ Volunteers and we are always seeking more.

At Summoners’ Society we do an range of amazing things! These things included:
> Online Community Events: Community nights (Mundo Ball, Imposter ARAMS etc..), Special events for things like Christmas, valentines days, etc..
> Online Tournaments: TFT, VAL or LOL
> Amateur event: Summoners Invitational Circuit (SIC), the broadcast team put on an amazing show!
> Admin community nights were we watch movies or hang out!
> Next year 2021, art classes for anyone on the SumSoc team
(There is so much more!)

Recently we were hired by Riot Oce to run UTOPL. Over 30 admins where hired and ran an amazing online event end to celebrate OPL 2020.

SumSoc is a great place to learn skills to help advance your career. Not only will you be part of an amazing family that will support you. you will also get to be part of some incredible things, such as the recent UTOPL event that we ran with Riot OCE. SumSoc is also just a fun place, you’ll make some really amazing friends and have a really good laugh.

Here at SumSoc we believe in a growth culture where we don’t focus on mistakes but moving forward instead. It is a supportive environment for anyone who may suffer with an illness or mental health. Summoners’ Society are also proud of our diverse team. This is truly a place of acceptance and family.

If you’re a passionate summoner, and you think you’d be a good fit for our family, please apply today!

Team Leader for Facebook Moderation Team
Team Members for the Social Media Team

The following positions are always hiring

Community Events Teams (CET)
The CET team, run all of our community events and tournaments.

Joining this team you will be learning about how to run community events and tournaments.
In this team you will be learning about running events, teamwork, handling feedback, and community engagement. 

Community Content Team (CCT)
Within the team you will progress your creative skills! Improve your approach to creative work, team work, managing deadlines and feedback. Gain access to tutorials and resources as a bonus!

(Digital Aritsts, video editors, article writers, cosplayers, graphic designers, animators, photographers, 3D artists, fashion designers, singers, coders etc.. If you have a creative skill, we will find use for it!)

Social Management Team (SMT)
You will learn about social media, managing deadlines, giving and receiving feedback, and memes. 

Facebook Management Team (FMT)
You will learn about building communities, community engagement, and lots of memes. (Facebook Group only)

Discord Management Team (DMT)
You will learn about building communities, community engagement, and lots of memes. (Discord only)

Community Broadcast Team (CBT)
You will learn how to improve and refine your casting or your production skills.

Apply Here Today:

A Picture of League of Legends Volunteers Staff at Smash

If the google form isn’t showing for any reason, please click here to apply.

Thank you for applying!

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